A hairdresser, a student, a will and an empire.


A young Björn Axén has just welcomed his first customers into his newly opened hair salon at Sibyllegatan, Stockholm. Björn, taught by the master himself, Monsieur Alexandre, brought knowledge, creativity and a fresh point of view with him from Paris. He brought glamour into Sweden and put hairdressing on the map. It won’t be long until Salon Björn Axén is on everyones lips.


After 16 years housed at Sibyllegatan, Björn chooses to move his salon to Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm. Located on the top floor with twice as many chairs as Sibyllegatan, the salon has an exclusive setting, all decorated in white. This is also where Björn introduces Sweden’s first digital booking system for hairdressers.


A passionate and driven 23-year-old Peter Hägelstam has already been working as a hairdresser in Uddevalla for more than 10 years. Since meeting a director at Björn Axén he is given the advice to call Björn to apply for a job. Peter is invited for an interview in Stockholm and without showing any work samples he is hired straight away. On his third day, working as Björn’s assistant, he meets Her Majesty the Queen of Sweden and his journey begins.


When 1984 arrives, Björn is highly established and is awarded the Royal Warrant to the Court of Sweden. Her Majesty Queen Silvia and her beautiful hair is widely recognized amongst the other European royal houses. This is also the very same year an 18-year-old Johan Hellström start his apprenticeship at Björn Axén. Johan shows great skills in the salon and is awarded with the highest note when he takes his “Gesällen” – but after 3 years he decides to quit, to instead focus on his dance and musical career. The years passes and Johan and Björn are in touch only sporadically.

This is the year where Björn launches his first products, embellished by Björn Axén’s seal - a butterfly.


Björn unexpectedly passes away, and it turns out that nine years earlier, 7 months after having started as an apprentice with Björn, Johan has been written into the will. Twenty-seven years old and with other plans in life for himself, Johan all of a sudden finds himself as the universal beneficiary of the legendary royal hairdresser Björn Axén’s life’s work. Paired up with Peter, Johan accepts the challenge to embrace Björn’s legacy.


March 1st, after 14 years at Nordiska Kompaniet, Johan and Peter choose to leave the department store and open their own salon at Norrlandsgatan 7. It still remains as Björn Axén’s biggest salon.


Johan and Peter are finding it difficult to source newly educated hairdressers with the knowledge and craftmanship it takes for a job at Björn Axén. As the company grows, and the demand for a good hairdresser is rising, Björn Axén launches their own education: Björn Axén Academy. A way to shape, teach, educate and recruit the very best.

Björn Axén Academy has up until today educated more than 1000 hairdressers and in 2015 they received the award “Intercoiffure Mondial”, as the best academy amongst the Nordic Countries.

Global Salon Business Awards
"The Global Salon Business Awards” recognize and honor the world’s leading hairdressing salon owners, who have mastered the business, management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills necessary to enjoy true business success.

Global Salon Business Awards is taking place every other year since 2004, and Björn Axén is repeatedly acknowledged for its work within the hairdressing world. In 2004 Björn Axén were awarded a prize for “Best Team Philosophy” in London. In 2006 the award ceremony took place in Barcelona; 2008 in Los Angeles. On each occasion Björn Axén gets awarded with the most prestigious prize, Salon Entrepreneur of the Year.


To be able to offer an all-round product range Björn Axén launches Tools in 2007, with the revolutionising Volumaster at the head. This unique product has a world patent and quickly becomes the best-selling styling tool in the Nordic countries.


Björn Axén celebrates its 50-year anniversary with a big show at Globen in Stockholm. The same year they launch their products in Switzerland, as well as opens a new salon at Birger Jarlsgatan 33.


Björn Axén launches their products in Denmark.


Johan and Peter receive a medal from His Majesty the King of Sweden for their valuable contribution as hairdressers. The medal is the 5th in size, in a clear blue band and is given during an award ceremony at the Royal Palace by His Majesty the King in presence of Her Majesty the Queen. The medal is given for special services as well as extraordinary work within the Royal Courts and the Order of the Royal Majesty.

“We are so incredibly proud and honoured for receiving this award, as well as the light it shines on the entire industry”, Johan and Peter say.


Björn Axéns products launches in the Baltic countries. 


Together with the Dutch haute couture designer Iris Van Herpen Björn Axén launch their first designer collaboration and make a unique design for bestselling Megafix Hairspray as well as a limited edition of silk scarfs with the same pattern. For each sold product, Björn Axén donates 10% of their profit and 200 SEK on each sold scarf to Regnbågsfonden.

Björn Axén launches their products in South Korea and the United Kingdom.


Björn Axén launches in the United States.